Sporter Carbine

The Colt Sporter Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in 5.56mm NATO.

The Sporter Carbine is modeled after the M4, a Colt-produced firearm used heavily by the U.S. military for close-quarters combat. It comes in two variations, which differ at the upper receiver. The Sporter Carbine is one of four rifles manufactured by Colt geared towards civilian use. Colt recommends the Sporter Carbine for competitive shooting.

The Sporter Carbine features a shorter 16.1″ chrome-lined barrel intended for easy maneuvering. The SP6920 has a flat top receiver with a removable carry handle, while the SP6940 uses a one-piece upper receiver. Each model features adjustable sights in the front and rear that can be manipulated to account for wind and elevation. The Sporter Carbine utilizes a gas-direct system and locking bolt. The SP6940 weighs slightly more (6.6 lbs. compared to 5.95 lbs.). The rifle is finished in matte black.

Colt is a famed American gun manufacturer founded in 1836. The company is best known for its revolvers and pistols, but also produces a variety of civilian and military gun designs used all over the world.

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