The focus of hunting generally falls naturally on firearms. The next level finds debate over the best ammunition, then perhaps optics, and finally camouflage. Yet, when a harvest is made, there is no – and I mean no – replacement for a quality knife

To that end, here’s one of our recent favorites. It’s a blade that can cover everything from deer to small game and still works handily on trout and birds as well. Meet the CRKT Hunt’N Fisch knife

CRKT’s Hunt’N Fisch


CRKT Hunt’n Fisch Knife
The Hunt’N Fisch has a 3-inch blade and overall length of 7.25 inches, making it larger than a traditional bird-and-trout style but smaller than most big game blades. Because the knife is sized right and sits nicely on the waistband, it’s always along for the hunt. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The Columbia River Knife and Tool Hunt’N Fisch is our current blade crush. With an overall length of 7.25 inches, this baby is larger and heavier than a traditional bird-and-trout style, yet it’s also smaller than the usual fixed blade big game hunting knives of yesteryear. We find it to be a happy medium and one likely to find many days afield on your belt. 

Blade length is 3.01 inches with a plain edge. The steel is 9Cr19MoV and is satin finished. The blade thickness is 0.14 inches. The handle is built of both multicolored and multilayered G10. Tang liners are red, which adds just a touch of eye pizzazz. It also includes a unique leather belt sheath with modified basketweave stamping. Like most CRKT knives, this carries the company’s lifetime warranty. This is a knife built predominantly as a hunting companion, but it can certainly pass the test of everyday carry for those not afraid of a fixed blade sitting along the beltline. 


In the Hand


CRKT Hunt’n Fisch Knife
We used the CRKT Hunt N Fisch on a recent turkey hunt. It’s a handy knife when skinning and removing meat from a wild turkey. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

At only four ounces and with curves built to fit the hand, the Hunt’N Fisch is a knife you’ll know is an extension of yourself. Contoured scales fit the hand naturally. It cuts like mad right out of the box with its flat grind. There’s some superb attention to detail and sweet file work, too. The ornate rivet pins are much dressier than usual for a hunter’s blade. There are both standard and snake friction grooves for blade control as well as jimping on the spine. 

Not only does that add to the looks, but it also helps achieve detailed cuts when you’re up inside an animal or skinning. Any outdoors person who has gone headlong into gutting a deer or skinning amidst the greasy fat knows grip is important. With features like the multiple friction grooves, blade control is secure with the Hunt’N Fisch. 

The tapered tang reduces weight and again shows the attention to detail. Our only gripe involves neither design nor quality, as both are exceptional. Rather, we’d much prefer to see a “Made in America” sticker on the CRKT box. However, this knife is a winner in every other way and one we’re still happy to carry afield. 

The Memory of Larry Fischer

Before researching the knife and its designer, we wondered why the Hunt’N Fisch ships with a purple lanyard fob. The story has heartfelt ties to its maker. This little beauty was designed by the late Larry Fischer, a traditional bowhunting guru, conservationist, master outdoorsman.

Unfortunately, Mr. Fischer passed away after his battle with pancreatic cancer before this knife hit the market. In his memory, the company is donating 100 percent of the net profits of the Hunt’N Fisch to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. Their ribbon color? Purple. For hunters who don’t want the purple detail, CRKT includes a black lanyard fob as well. 


The Leather

CRKT Hunt’n Fisch Knife
The Hunt N Fisch comes with a brown leather sheath that is designed to slide into the belt loop and rest horizontally to the side, fitting naturally across the waistband. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

As if the knife’s quality and backstory weren’t enough reasons to want the blade, the leather completely won us over. It ships with a lovely leather sheath that turns things on its side, literally. The distinctive brown leather sheath is secured with brass rivets and uses a wraparound belt loop style. The sheath is ideally designed to slide into the belt loop and rest horizontally to the side, fitting naturally across the waistband. Not only does that keep it from hanging in the way, but the handle is positioned readily accessible to grab and engage. 

Because of the way the knife sits along the beltline, along with its lightweight and hand size, it’s sure to be along for the hunt. We find its mid-range size to fill a niche that many hunters don’t already own, and it does so with class and performance. 

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