452 Scout

Czech Army CZ 452 Scout

The CZ 452 Scout is a single-shot rifle chambered in .22 LR. Among CZ’s 452 series, the Scout is distinct for being marketed towards smaller shooters, primarily women and children.

The Scout has reduced stock dimensions, carries less weight, and utilizes a single-round loading device for ammunition. The single-round loading device is meant to teach young shooters about ammo conservation, as well as general marksmanship. The 452 Scout is recommended by CZ for hunting.

The 452 Scout features a 16.2″ cold hammer-forged barrel with a blued finish. The rifle’s Beechwood stock is shortened compared to other 452 series guns. The Scout checks in with an overall length of 32.8″ and a weight of 5.1 lbs. The rifle also features adjustable iron sights and a detachable single-shot magazine box. The length of pull is 12″ and the rate of twist is 1:16. The rifle comes with a trigger that is adjustable for weight of pull, just like every 452 model by CZ.

Česká zbrojovka translates as “Czech Army”, so it comes as no surprise then that CZ firearms has a long history of supplying weapons to militaries around the globe. The CZ name can be found on a variety of handguns, smallbore and bigbore rifles, military rifles and submachine guns.

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