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czech army CZ 527 American

The CZ 527 American is a bolt-action rifle chambered in .223 Rem., .22 Hornet, .204 Ruger, .221 Fireball, and .222 Rem. The American is one of seven models in the 527 series offered by CZ. The rifle is similar to the 527 Lux, but differs in the stock and sights.

While the 527 Lux features open sights and a European-style stock, the American doesn’t have sights and uses, as the name would suggest, an American stock. A left-handed version of the 527 American is also available. CZ recommends the rifle for hunting.

The 527 American features a classic American pattern Turkish stock with 18 LPI checkering, making it distinct among the 527 series. The rifle has a 21.9″ cold hammer-forged barrel that features a recessed target crown to protect the rifling of the gun and help preserve accuracy.

The 527 American utilizes a two position manual firing pin block and bolt lock as a safety. While the gun does not feature sights, 16mm scope mounts are integrated. The receiver and the barrel each come finished in blued. The 527 American’s detachable magazine has a capacity of five.

Česká zbrojovka translates as “Czech Army”, so it comes as no surprise then that CZ firearms has a long history of supplying weapons to militaries around the globe. The CZ name can be found on a variety of handguns, smallbore and bigbore rifles, military rifles and submachine guns.

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