527 FS

czech army CZ 527 FS

The CZ 527 FS is a bolt-action rifle chambered in .223 Rem., .222 Rem., and .22 Hornet. Along with the Lux and Carbine, the FS is part of a family of European-style rifles in the 527 family.

The European-style rifles are distinct for their open sights and European-style stocks. The dovetail on all CZ 527’s is 16mm. The company recommends the FS for hunting.

The CZ 527 FS features a 20.5″ cold hammer-forged barrel. The 527 FS also features a Mannlicher walnut stock. The gun has adjustable iron sights. The 527 FS utilizes a two position manual firing pin block and bolt lock as a safety.  The receiver and the barrel each come finished in blued. The rifle comes factory equipped with a five-round detachable magazine. The gun has an overall length of 38.4″ and a total weight of 6.1 lbs.

Česká zbrojovka translates as “Czech Army”, so it comes as no surprise then that CZ firearms has a long history of supplying weapons to militaries around the globe. The CZ name can be found on a variety of handguns, smallbore and bigbore rifles, military rifles and submachine guns.

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