550 Safari Magnum Express

czech army CZ 550 Safari Magnum Express

The CZ 550 Safari Magnum Express is a bolt-action rifle chambered in six different cartridges. The rifle is highly customizable and recommended by CZ for big game hunting. The Magnum Express uses the CZ 550 Magnum firing action. Rifles fitted for firing extra large hunting cartridges such as the .505 Gibbs and .500 Jeffery include a mercury recoil reducer installed in the stock.

Due to the customizable nature of the Safari Magnum Express, the rifle gives shooters a plethora of options and can be built to size and feature preferences of the individual. When chambered in .300 H&H Mag., the rifle has a five-round fixed magazine. Rifles chambered for .375 H&H Mag. feature a 20″ blued barrel. In .404 Jeffery, the Safari Magnum Express has a fancy grade American walnut stock. The CZ 550 has a positive 2-position safety. All CZ 550’s feature a classic square bridge receiver with a 19mm dovetail milled right into the receiver for the mounting of optics.

Česká zbrojovka translates as “Czech Army”, so it comes as no surprise then that CZ firearms has a long history of supplying weapons to militaries around the globe. The CZ name can be found on a variety of handguns, smallbore and bigbore rifles, military rifles and submachine guns.

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