CZ 550 Urban Counter-Sniper

Ceska Zbrojovka CZ 550 Urban Counter-Sniper

The Ceska Zbrojovka CZ 550 Urban Counter-Sniper is a bolt-action tactical rifle chambered in .308 Win.

The 550 is a heavier rifle at 8.3 pounds, but it was designed for shooting at the bench rest position. It has a free-floated barrel, so its Kevlar-fiberglass stock won’t interfere with the barrel’s action.

On the tip of the rifle is a target crown, which helps maintain barrel harmonics so the rifle doesn’t vibrate too much and throw off the round’s trajectory. The bolt has an oversized handle, so the shooter can easily reach it while maintaining focus on target.

The bolt face has three locking lugs that keep the bolt secured in place so the firing pin can strike the cartridge precisely on mark. The 550’s single-stage match trigger sets off the action with a very short pull. The upper and lower receivers have a Teflon coat that prevents rust and requires less maintenance.

CZ recommends the 550 Urban Counter-Sniper for military and law enforcement.


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