CZ 712, Utility, Target, Adjustable

CZ 712 hunting shotgun

The CZ 712 is a hunting shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. Costing around $500, the 712 is a very economically priced semi-automatic shotgun and is available in a variety of different designs. On top of that, CZ recommends the 712 for hunting upland game or waterfowl, as a truck gun, or skeet shooting.

The 712 has a gas-operating system, so propellant gases cycle back to push the bolt to the rear and shooters won’t feel the recoil until the shot leaves the barrel.

Basic features include a single-stage trigger, a cross-bolt safety, a vent-ribbed barrel and a matte black hard chrome receiver and barrel, which is corrosion resistant, and the muzzle is fitted for a Full, Modified and an Improved cylinder choke.

The standard 712 looks like an expensive shotgun because it has a beautiful Turkish walnut stock with checkered grips and fore-end, but it’s priced at $471. It is available with either a 26- or 28-inch barrel. MSRP IS $471.

The 712 Utility has a black polymer stock and has a short 20-inch barrel. MSRP is $471.

The 712 Target was also introduced as a new gun at the 2012 SHOT Show. CZ says the 712 Target is intended for “the price conscious target shooter.”

It is equipped with a 30-inch barrel with a 10mm stepped stepped rib, and a Turkish walnut stock. MSRP is $660.

The 712 Adjustable Length Stock was introduced as a new gun at the 2012 SHOT Show. It is equipped with an adjustable polymer stock, which is adjustable for length (of course).

Ideally it’s a shotgun for any size shooter, and a 3-gun challenge. MSRP is $562.


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