CZ 720 Semi Auto

CZ 720 Semi Auto

The CZ 720 Semi Auto is a hunting shotgun chambered in 20 gauge.

It looks like an expensive shotgun because it has a beautiful walnut stock with checkered grips and fore-end, but it actually costs less than $500.

An economical shotgun, yes, but many reviewers say it is a decent buy for a semi-auto. It uses a gas-operated system, so propellant gases cycle back to push the bolt to the rear and shooters won’t feel the recoil until the shot leaves the barrel.

It is available with either a 26″ or 28″ chrome lined barrel with a matte black chrome finish that’s water and corrosion resistant. And, there’s actually a Youth model available.

CZ recommends the 720 for hunting upland game or waterfowl.


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