The CZ P-01 is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in 9mm. The P-01 is a derivative of the CZ 75, a ubiquitous handgun used by the Czech National Police, and the only difference between the to is that P-01 has a different caliber.

The Model P-01 has a steel slide and an alloy steel frame both with a black polycoat finish. The barrel is hammer forged, meaning a tool was carefully passed through the bore to carve the rifled grooves. The P-01 features a 3-dot sighting system, and offers optional Tritium night sights.

According to CZ website, the 75P-01, on which the  P-01 is modeled, is the only NATO spec pistol available to the public. During testing, the CZ P-01 averaged seven stoppages per 15,000 rounds fired.

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