VZ 61 Skorpion

The CZ VZ 61 Skorpion is a large frame semi-automatic pistol chambered in .32 APC caliber. The VZ 61 Skorpion is produced by CZ-USA, a Kansas City based subsidiary of the Czech arms manufacturer Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod.

The CZ VZ 61 Scorpion features steel construction is finished in glossy blue. It utilizes fixed sights and a thumb safety. The Skorpion is accompanied by one 10-round magazine and two 20-round magazines.

The VZ 61 Skorpion is modeled on a full-auto version manufactured for the Czechoslovakian Army in 1961. The original Skorpion sub-machine gun was developed as a sidearm for vehicle drivers, armored transport personnel, and special forces. The VZ 61 Skorpion is a semi-automatic version of its predecessor, and was made available for civilian purchase. The full-auto version is still in service with numerous military and law enforcement units around the globe. The civilian variant is classified as a handgun.

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