The Panther LR-308 is a semi-automatic precision rifle chambered in .308 Win.

The LR-308 is one of three in DPMS’s line of the .308 Win. What sets the LR-308 apart from most other precision rifles is its 19-round magazine and semi-automatic action. It is a heavier rifle at 11.2 pounds, but it would be most accurate and comfortable to shoot in the bench rest position. It has a raised upper receiver with a Picatinny rail, so scopes, sights, lights, or lasers could be easily mounted. And, it has a Teflon coat that makes it easier to maintain and keep clean. The LR-308 has also proven its worth against other precision rifles that the NRA’s “American Rifleman” named it Rifle of the Year 2005.

DPMS Panther Arms recommends the LR-308 for hunting game and hoofed animals, sport and competitive shooting.

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