Roaming around the CompExpo in Grand Junction, Colorado, we happened upon the freshly released Sig Sauer Legion XCarry. Being an X5 Legion owner, this certainly perked my interest. So what’s different about the XCarry? Afterall, it seems like there are a ton of P320 variants already out there. Well, Sig has brought their tungsten-infused XSeries to a new pistol, which promises to be ideal for combat and tactical use, boasting a threaded barrel and suppressor-height sights. 

First off, what exactly do “combat” and “tactical” use mean? Despite the title XCarry, this pistol is not intended for concealed carry. Weighing in at 40.5 ounces, it would be quite heavy to haul around for daily use. But that added weight substantially reduces muzzle flip, according to Sig it cuts it down by up to 50 percent over their polymer version. The tungsten, paired with a 4.6-inch threaded barrel and fully adjustable suppressor-compatible sights, make it perfect for shooting suppressed. Add all these features and more wrapped up in a fairly compact package and we’ve got a great pistol for combat. 

The XCarry is also an excellent option for those who feel the full-sized X5 is too large. Or it would be great if you want another gun for your suppressors. The tungsten would help to nicely offset the weight of a can. 

What Makes the XSeries?

All XSeries grip modules have a unique shape, which steps up their game compared to some of the other modules. An extended beavertail, enhanced undercut on the trigger guard, and a flatter surface on the side of the grip all make for better ergonomics. 

What Optics Are Compatible?

Even without optics, the X-RAY3 day/night sights work great. When testing out this gun on the range, the sights were very easy to pick up to get on target quickly. The adjustability also meant there was no need to change sights when installing a suppressor. If a red dot is preferred, the slide is cut for the Romeo 1 Pro, Romeo 2, DeltaPoint Pro, and RMR, making it extremely compatible. 


  • Caliber: 9mm, currently there are no plans to release other calibers
  • Included Mags: Three 17-round steel mags 
  • Overall Length: 8.1 inches
  • Overall Width: 1.6 inches 
  • Trigger: Skeletonized flat trigger 
  • Magwell: Detachable extended 
  • Barrel: 4.6 inches and suppressor ready – 1/2x28 standard. The threaded barrel can be changed out with the 3.9-inch non-threaded P320 barrel. 
  • Accessory Rail: M1913

How Does It Shoot?

Catching a slower moment at the Sig booth, I was able to push about 150 rounds through this pistol for demonstration. Being a long-time X5 owner, it felt very familiar. Despite the shorter barrel, it does not have a lot of muzzle rise, and the sights are very quick and easy to pick up. 

Everything that people loved about the XSeries is carried over and geared towards a pistol that is ideal for suppression. The skeletonized trigger is crisp and lighter than the standard Legion pistols. I wish we could have tested it with a suppressor, but it surely would shoot sweet with one given its configuration.  

XCarry pistol with threaded barrel
This suppressor-ready pistol also boasts suppressor-friendly sights. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/
XCarry pistol magwell
The magwell is detachable and extended. (Photo: Taylor Thorne/


Overall Thoughts

Sig has proven that they can make an incredible variety of P320s. This particular one shows that suppressors and red dots are not exclusive to full-sized pistols. The Legion XCarry seems to perfectly address the concept of a compact tactical pistol. It shoots just as one would expect – awesome – and will surely be perfect for those wanting their next suppressor-ready pistol.