SCAR 16 CQC (MK16)

The Fabrique Nationale de Herstal Special Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) 16 CQC is a select-fire tactical rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO or .223 Rem. The CQC is considerably smaller version of the Standard SCAR with its short 10″ barrel. Otherwise it has identical features. The military nomenclature is MK16.

The SCAR employs a gas-piston operated firing system where pressurized gas released from the firing of an individual round is cycled through a tube, aimed onto a piston, which drives the bolt back to both ejection of the spent casing and the chambering of a fresh round.

The SCAR has a module design and offers a number of adjustable and customizable features. It has a free floating barrel, so when the barrel heats and swells it won’t come in contact with the stock. Since it is designed for three different size barrels, so the user can change the barrel depending on need. Each barrel is hammer forged, meaning a machine precisely carved the grooves in the bore. This process produces accurate and durable rifling. In addition, the SCAR includes hard-chromed bores for superior wear over time.

All its operating controls can be easily adapted to the user’s preference and are compatible with right and left-handed shooters. The stock has an adjustable cheek piece and is fold-able and collapsible. It also has four Picatinny rails, a full-length up top, one on the bottom and on the sides for easy mounting of optics or accessories.

FNH originally produced the SCAR 16 CQC for tactical police and military use, but began a limited production run of a civilian model in 2009.

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