The Franchi I-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. The I-12 comes in four finishes, Realtree APG HD, Advantage Max-4 HD, walnut and black Synthetic to meet a variety of hunting needs.

It uses an inertia driven bolt, so bolt is basically fixed when the firing pin punches forward and strikes the primer. The primer sends a charge into the gunpowder and it explodes and releases gases that propel the shot through the barrel. Once the shot and gas exit, a backwards force then drives through the gun (recoil/vibrations). When the force reaches the bolt housing, the bolt is then driven back until the inertia spring catches and sends it forward. This system replaces systems that other semi-autos use where gas or the initial explosion drive the bolt back. And, since the gases can’t seep through into the chamber there won’t be any carbon-build up.

Features include a Twin Shock Absorber (TSA) recoil pad that deeply compresses with the recoil, soaking up the kick and spreading recoil energy over a wider area of the shooter’s shoulder.

Franchi recommends the I-12 for hunting waterfowl.

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