I-12 Sporting

The Franchi I-12 Sporting is a semi-automatic shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. Since 1868, Franchi has been designing and manufacturing double-barreled and semi-auto shotguns for sportsmen. What makes the Sporting model unique from other I-12’s is that the Sporting has an elongated forcing cone, which is supposed to lead to better shot patterns, and an aluminum receiver with steel inserts makes for a lightweight and durable gun.

The I-12 Sporting also uses Benelli’s Inertia Driven System for its action. This is how it works, the bolt is basically fixed when the firing pin punches forward and strikes the primer. The primer sends a charge into the gunpowder and it explodes and releases gases that propel the shot through the barrel. Once the shot and gas exit a backwards force drives through the gun (recoil/vibrations). When the force reaches the bolt housing, the bolt is then driven back until the inertia spring catches and sends it forward. This system replaces systems that other semi-autos use where gas or the initial explosion drive the bolt back. And, since the gases can’t seep through into the chamber there won’t be any carbon-build up.

Also, the 30-inch barrel is ported to control muzzle climb and it also
helps reduce recoil because it diverts gases that would otherwise
contribute to rearward force. The I-12 Sporting also features a Twin Shock Absorber (TSA) recoil pad that deeply compresses with the recoil, soaking up the kick and spreading recoil energy over a wider area of the shooter’s shoulder. The I-12 Sporting is configured for competition clay shooting.

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