Galco Holsters may be known for their leather but their latest holster lineup has replaced the old standby with some new twists and turns: Meet the Galco KingTuk Cloud

Glaco KingTuk Cloud holster with P365 pistol
Even though the new KingTuk Cloud is lacking the old standby of a leather backing, it's still a solid and durable construction. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/


The Carry Position

The suggested carry position for the KingTuk Cloud is between 3 and 5 o’clock, which is a bit of a departure from the AIWB way of carrying I’ve been used to lately. But when I saw this summer’s vacation schedule, along with the back-to-back-to-back 4-hour-long road trips, I decided that AIWB wasn’t going to be an option. 

Galco KingTuk Cloud
The KingTuk Cloud pictured here at about 4 o'clock. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

While appendix carry is great for deep concealment and quick access to the firearm, it can be tough when sitting multiple hours anywhere. With a little retraining on carry positions, I was off to the races and ready to carry in comfort for the rest of my summer.


It should be noted that the construction is different than what Galco normally produces. Known for their leatherwork since 1980, the new holster with its foam padding and ballistic nylon is a total departure. While the leather hasn’t carried over for the new Cloud, I can tell you that construction quality remains.

Galco is known for its rugged construction, and nothing has changed here. The ballistic-nylon front has a little more give than a traditional leather holster, but it’s still plenty rigid to stand up to daily carry needs. The Comfort Cloth lining on the back of the holster not only adds another layer of padding but also wicks away moisture and sweat. The closed-cell foam pad in between acts like a Tempur-Pedic pillow for your gun and body.

It’s clear upon picking up this holster that it’s a quality item that’s built to last. When you put it on, you know it’s a holster you’re going to love. 

Galco KingTuk Cloud with Sig P365
The ballistic nylon is ready to take on anything, making for a strong and durable holster. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

Carrying with the KingTuk Cloud

I got my KingTuk Cloud for the Sig P365 I’ve been carrying over the past couple of months. As warmer weather rolled in, I needed to shed some weight from my carry gun and holster. So I dropped my Walther PDP for the time being in exchange for the smaller and lighter P365. As of this writing, I’m at 100+ hours of carry between the P365 and Galco Cloud, with maybe an hour or so of dry-fire practice. Heck, I’m wearing both right now at my desk and barely even notice them.

Carrying with Galco KingTuk Cloud is easy and comfortable. It conceals nicely under a patterned shirt from 5.11. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

The UniClips are some of my favorites in the industry and provide great retention for the holster. They help with deeper concealment for the holster as well. I never worried that I was printing of showing the gun. All in all, everything tucked in neatly and concealed the P365 with ease, no adjustment necessary. However, the clips are adjustable for ride and cant if you feel the need.

Moving from appendix carry to 4 o’clock has been a bit of a challenge. But the Cloud has made it worth it, especially on longer road trips. Honestly, there have been times when I’ve been driving and totally forgotten it was there. It’s as if it blended into my body. For this reason alone, it would get my vote for a great driving holster.

Galco KingTuk Cloud with Sig P365
The UniClip from Galco is one of the best in the industry. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

It’s extremely comfortable due to the unique construction. Everything seems to be working seamlessly together to provide both maximum comfort and deep concealability. The padding is nice because it gives the gun a place to mold into, much like a good leather holster. Though, unlike a leather holster, the Cloud has a way of sucking up moisture instead of returning it to the body.

How It Handles in Hot & Sweaty Weather

If you’re anything like me, one of the most important factors in choosing a holster to wear is how it will handle the heat and humidity. Over the years, I’ve become particularly fond of Kydex just for the fact that it's impervious to sweat. On the other side, ballistic nylon has moisture-wicking properties that work very well. 

I’m a bigger guy and sweat easy, so it wasn’t hard to find a situation where I could put the moisture-wicking matterial to the test. I was a bit skeptical at first since I thought it would be more of a modern “golf T-shirt fabric” and less like an old football jersey. 

Galco KingTuk Cloud with Sig P365
The Comfort Cloth worked really well for wicking up moisture. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/

But it worked really well to my pleasant surprise. There were a couple of times when I was sweaty to the point that I know a leather holster would have started to get a little uncomfortable, but the Cloud was both surprisingly comfortable and not that sweaty either.

The moisture-wicking fabric, what Galco calls Comfort Cloth, was actually born from their development of the FasTrax PAC waist pack-style holster. “We noted how great it was at wicking moisture, and how dry it kept things – even with a somewhat bulky waist pack pressed up against the body in Phoenix heat,” said Mike Barham, media and PR manager for Galco. From there they applied it to the QuickTuk, which was an instant hit. It only seemed natural that the KingTuk would be next. 


Are there any downsides to the new Galco KingTuk Cloud? If there are any, they are nitpicky at best. One thing I would say about the UniClips, although I do love them, is that they can take some getting used to when mounting the holster onto your belt. This is more of an issue with the style of holster and carry position than it is with Galco or the clips though.

The other thing I noticed the first couple of times I wore it was that it was a little itchy. I’m not sure if that was a break-in period or if that was me just being more used to a Kydex holster, but I didn’t notice the itch anymore after a few carry sessions. 


If you’re looking for a rugged and reliable holster that will last you for years, look to Galco. If you’re looking for a super comfortable carry holster that will disappear when wearing it, look to the KingTuk Cloud. 

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