The Heckler and Koch P30L is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in 9mm. The P30L is almost identical to the P30 except its barrel is half an inch longer (L equals Long). Also like the P30, the P30L is a popular pistol among European law enforcement agencies. It has ergonomically friendly finger grooves on the grip and interchangeable back straps, so shooters can modify the grip for a more comfortable hold and ease of use. The frame is a polymer blend that’s lightweight putting the P30L at 1.72 pounds. It is friendly to both righties and lefties with an ambidextrous magazine release and safety. The safety acts as a de-cocking lever, so after shooters chamber a round they can set the trigger from a single-action to a double. The P30L has three-dot fixed sights, so it’s easier to see and align. The rear sight is a square notch intended to help shooters acquire the target better even at night. On the front of the frame is a Picatinny rail, so lights or lasers can be easily attached. The P30L also has two extra safety features. The first is the load indicator, which is a thin notch that pops out when a round is chambered. And, the patented Lock-Out Safety disables the weapon with the turn of a key. HK recommends the P30L for open carry.

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