The Heckler and Koch Universal Machine Pistol is a select-fire submachine gun chambered in 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Founded in 1949, HK is a German defense manufacturing company that designs and produces small arms and its UMP is a successor to the famous MP5 submachine gun.

The UMP uses a blowback where the motion from the fired cartridge casing is used
to propel the rearward motion of the bolt as the spent casing is ejected
and a new round is loaded. The UMP has a rate of fire of up to 650 rounds per minute and an effective range of about 100 yards.

Features include four trigger permutations are available for the UMP, including semi-auto, burst, full-auto and safe. The UMP includes mounts for four Picatinny rails for the easy mounting of optics and accessories. In addition, the butt stock can be folded sideward for ease of portability. It has an ambidextrous controls, user replaceable barrel, oversize trigger guard and rear flip sights that can be adjusted for windage and elevation. And the UMP also employs a bolt catch, which holds the bolt rearward after the final round is fired.

The UMP is widely used by government agencies and militaries worldwide.

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