Kahr CM40

The Kahr CM40 is a semi-automatic pocket pistol chambered for .40 S&W and a new gun for 2012. Except for being chambered in a different caliber, the CM40 is identical to the CM9. The CM series is an economical version of Kahr’s PM line.

Kahr designed and recommends the CM40 for concealed carry.

Kahr is able to reduce the price by equipping CM pistols with a conventional rifled barrel instead of the match grade polygonal barrel and many components were constructed by metal injection molding (MIM), a process that involves powdered metal to be pushed into a mold and then it’s heated so the ground metal fuses together. This process is cheaper than machining parts. Also, there are less engravings on the gun.

Lastly, Kahr is able to reduce price by shipping pistols with one magazine instead of two.

CM pistols feature a stainless steel slide, which was milled from a solid block, and a black polymer frame. It has a double-action only trigger, adjustable sights, a short three-inch barrel, and uses a five-round magazine.


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