P380 (VIDEO)

The Kahr P380 is a semi-automatic pocket pistol chambered in .380 ACP. Kahr is one of the premier manufacturers of pistols, especially pockets, and the caliber .380 continues to grow in popularity, so naturally the two merged thus creating the P380 series, which Kahr designed specifically for concealed carry.

The P380’s features include a locked-breech system where the backwards force is absorbed by the slide rather than the frame. Another feature that aids in resisting wear are the stainless steel inserts lining the inside of the frame. The black polymer frame has a textured grip and is very lightweight putting total weight around 0.63 pounds. The overall width is 0.75″, so it’ll be easier to conceal in a pocket or holster. It has a customized match grade barrel made by Lothar Walther, which is said to fire accurately even up to 25 yards. It has a double-action only trigger that sets off the action with a 5-pound pull. It doesn’t have a safety switch, but it’s less likely something other than a trigger finger will pull a double-action trigger all the way back. It also has a passive striker block, which is an internal safety that prevents the gun from accidentally discharging if it’s dropped. And it comes with adjustable three-dot sights.

Optional features include tritium night sights (add about $100), a loaded chamber indicator that pops up when a round is chambered (California approved and add about $75) and it is available in a stainless steel or blackened stainless steel finish (add about $50 for black).

Its caliber .380 ACP is smaller than 9mm and has a shorter range and less stopping power, but it is an ideal cartridge for a concealed carry gun because its recoil is manageable with a small frame.

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