The Kahr TP9 is a semi-automatic medium-framed pistol chambered in 9mm. Kahr is one of the premier manufacturers of pistols and has lines for major calibers such as .45, .40, .380 and, of course, 9mm. The TP9 is almost identical to the T9 except the TP9 has a polymer frame, weighs about half a pound lighter and costs more than a hundred dollars less.

Otherwise it has the same features such as a locked-breech system where the backwards force is absorbed by the slide rather than the frame. Although it’s longer and taller, its overall width is 0.90″, so it’ still comfortable to conceal. It has a double-action only trigger that sets off the action with a longer pull. It doesn’t have a safety, but it’s less likely something other than a trigger finger will pull a double-action trigger all the way back. It also has a passive striker block, which is an internal safety that prevents the gun from accidental discharge if it is dropped. And it comes with adjustable three-dot sights, but it’s also available with Novak night sights.

Kahr recommends the TP9 for open or concealed carry.

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