The La France M16K is a select-fire carbine chambered for either 5.56 NATO or .45 ACP. To understand the M16K, one first understand the company that made it. La France would take already popular designs, such as the M16, shorten it considerably and modified the operating system so it functioned similarly to the original model.

With a fully extended stock the M16K is still 13.5 inches shorter than the M16, and 6.5 inches shorter than the M4. La France was able to do this by constructing the M16K with a 8.125-inch barrel. Granted, the shortened barrel attached to a standard M16-operating system would not function comparably to the M16, so La France added an adjustable gas system so the user could adjust the weapon for a sustainable rate of fire.

La France wanted to cater the M16K to a very specific audience. Ideally users would be combat operators who
primarily ride in vehicles or helicopters. They would carry it in replace of a

There are also semi-auto versions of the M16K available, however, the M16K is no longer in production.

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