M6A1-S Patrolmen's Carbine

The Land Warfare Resources Corporation’s M6A1-S Patrolmen’s Carbine is a select-fire tactical rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO. LWRC, founded in 1999, specializes in making AR15- and M16-style rifles, but with a handful of trademark features. The M6A1-S is almost identical to the M6A1 except it has an M4-style stock.

The M6A1-S uses standard LWRC features such as a short-stroke gas-piston operating system meaning the propellant gases are cycled from the barrel into a tube and then directed onto a piston, which drives the bolt back. Since gas isn’t entering the bolt directly, carbon buildup is reduced in turn requiring less maintenance. The “S” stands for stretch in reference to the medium-length piston. LWRC says the longer piston allows a more immediate reaction or quicker chambering. The bolt was treated with a proprietary nickel coating that makes the action corrosion resistant and adds a permanent lubrication, which increases functionality in wet or sandy conditions. It has a cold hammer forged barrel, so a machine carefully carved the grooves in the bore. This process produces solid grooves and improves the rifling’s durability. The barrel itself was treated with NiCorr, which is often compared to chrome, but unlike chrome it applies evenly. NiCorr treatment makes the barrel wear and corrosion resistant, and adds lubricity and durability.

Other features include an adjustable stock, a target crown that helps
maintain barrel harmonics so when a round is fired vibrations won’t
throw off the projectile’s trajectory, an ergonomically friendly Magpul
grip, a fixed rear and A-frame front sight and a Picatinny rail for easy
mounting of a scope or sights.

An optional trademark feature is Cerakote ceramic finish instead of a black anodized finish. It adds the corrosion resistance of Teflon, but is supposed to be more durable (add $150).

The M6A1-S is only available to law enforcement agencies and personnel.

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