Marlin 1895

The Marlin Classic Model 1895 is a lever-action hunting rifle chambered in .45-70 Government. The Model 1895 has two distinct features. First, Marlin uses Ballard-type rifling on its barrel, which puts six deep and wide grooves in it that help improve accuracy for high-power rifles.

Ballard rifling is a slow process, yet, almost no stress is put on the metal, so it can absorb the violent reaction when a primer is charged.

The second, it has a tubular magazine that’s non-detachable and runs along the barrel. Rounds are fed through the front of the tube and it chambers like a shotgun—a spring pushes the round down as the bolt chambers the next round.

Marlin 1895 Rifle

Its cartridge, the .45-70 Gov’t., is a preferred hunting round for shorter range. Since it has such a low velocity yet powerful impact, it’ll kill larger game without destroying a lot of the meat.

Marlin recommends the M1895 for hunting deer, larger game and black bear.

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