Marlin Model 60

The Marlin Model 60 is a semi-automatic hunting rifle chambered in .22 LR. Marlin has sold more than 11 million Model 60s since its introduction in 1960 and dubs it “the most popular .22 in the world.” One explanation for that, it has always sold for a cheap price—even today it sells for less than $200—but it also shoots easy-to-find and reasonably priced ammo.

Features include a tubular magazine that’s non-detachable and runs along the barrel. Rounds are fed through the front of the tube and it chambers like a shotgun—a spring pushes the round down after the bolt chambers one.

The barrel has Marlin’s “micro-grooves,” which carves 16 grooves into the bore and ideally better controls the projectile as it travels through the barrel in turn improving accuracy. On the tip of the barrel is a precision crown that improves barrel harmonics, so the barrel doesn’t vibrate too much and throw of the round’s trajectory. And, it has the patented “last-shot bolt hold open,” where the bolt stays open after the last round is fired similar to when the bolt catches on a magazine on a magazine-fed rifle.

Marlin recommends the Model 60 for hunting varmint, small game and target shooting.

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