Marlin Model 60SB

The Marlin Model 60SB is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .22 LR. Marlin has sold more than 11 million Model 60s since its introduction in 1960 and dubs it “the most popular .22 in the world.” One explanation for that, it has always sold for a cheap price—even today it sells for around $200—but it also shoots easy-to-find and reasonably priced ammo.

The Model 30SB is one of the eight sub-models and what makes it unique from the standard Model 60 is that it’s made of stainless steel.

The Model 60SB features a 19″ barrel and has undergone Marlin’s Micro-groove rifling that carves 16 grooves in the bore. The Model 60SB offers a Monte Carlo walnut stock with a pistol grip. The Model 60SB has a patented “last shot” bolt hold-open system, meaning the bolt will be held in the rearward open position after the final spent casing is ejected. The receiver features a steel charging handle and the tubular magazine holds 14 rounds. The Model 60SB has a folding rear sight and ramp front sight and Wide-Scan brand front hood.

Marline recommends the Model 60SB for hunting small game and target shooting.

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