500 Thunder Ranch

Mossberg 500 Thunder Ranch

The Mossberg 500 Thunder Ranch is a pump-action tactical shotgun chambered in 12 gauge. It was created by the collaboration of Mossberg and Clint Smith, Director of the Thunder Ranch training facility.

The Thunder Ranch training facility is known for tactical firearms training and helping companies design weapons. They’ve collaborated with other companies such as Smith & Wesson, Les Baer and Noveske. Director Clint Smith has had a long, successful career in military and law enforcement before becoming director of Thunder Ranch.

What makes the 500 Thunder Ranch unique to other tactical 500s is that it has a “stand-off” barrel meaning it’s short and has rigid teeth on the muzzle, which are intended for breaching doors and whatnot. It has a tri-rail Picatinny on both sides and beneath the pump for easy mounting of accessories. And “Thunder Ranch” engraved on the receiver.

Otherwise it features a padded butt-stock to cushion the shooter’s shoulder while firing, Mossberg’s tang safety, which is located on the back of the pistol grip or where the shooter’s action hand’s thumb naturally falls. And this 500 model has a white dot front sight.

Mossberg recommends the 500 Thunder Ranch for personal defense.

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