Mini Revolver

The North American Arms Mini-Revolver is a series of single-shot pocket pistols that are available chambered in a variety of .22-caliber cartridges such as .22 Short, .22 LR, .22 Magnum and .22 Cap and Ball. Overall the NAA pistols are very small novelty gun that aren’t meant to be fired for hours on end at the range–basically they’re meant for either self-defense or collecting.

Although there’s no trigger guard, manual safety or trigger safety, the Mini-Revolver is a relatively safe gun to carry. It’s a single-action only pistol so in order for a user to operate it he or she must cock the hammer back and then pull the trigger to fire.

Aside from its chambering, all the designs are relatively similar. NAA only offers it in an all-stainless steel construction with either a 1.125- or 1.625-inch barrel, they average between four- to five-inches in length, and all weigh less than half a pound. No matter the cartridge, the cylinder holds five rounds. The basic designs includes polished wooden grips, but a grip holster is also available for a $30-up charge. The gun actually folds into the holster.

MSRP is between $199 to $260, but price fluctuates depending on cartridge. The .22 LR and .22 Short models are available for the $199 price. The .22 Magnum is $249 and is available with a ported barrel and also a convex cylinder, so it can hold snake shot. The .22 Cap and Ball is $260.

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