Model 48 Trophy Grade Rifle

The Nosler Model 48 Trophy Grade is a bolt-action hunting rifle available in 14 chamberings. It is one of five rifles currently sold by Nosler and considered the most economically priced Nosler rifle.

It uses Nosler’s Model 48 action, a proprietary push-feed action, which is unique in that as the bolt pushes the round towards the chamber, the extractor does not grab the rim of the cartridge until the bolt is completely forward and locked. It doesn’t really affect the smoothness of the action but does cater to one’s preference. Some prefer the push-feed action over a control-round feed action (which does the opposite). Accompanying the action is a Rifle Basix brand trigger that sets off the action with a 3-pound pull.

The Nosler Model 48 Trophy Grade features an aluminum bedded Bell and Carlson brand composite stock. This means the action abuts an aluminum bed, eliminating friction between the stock and action when action screws are tightened. Aluminum bedding, like pillar bedding, also creates s tighter fit between the stock and action. The Trophy Grade has a free floating chrome-moly barrel made by Pac-Nor. Chrome moly is a durable steel and free floating barrels do not abut the stock, so barrel heating and swelling will not compromise stock integrity over time. External metal surfaces are coated with Cerakote brand ceramic-based coating for increased durability. Internal metal surfaces are coated with Micro Slick brand dry-film lubricant, reducing friction and wear.

Nosler recommends the Model 48 Trophy Grade for hunting in wet weather and adverse environmental conditions.

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