Nosler Custom Rifle

The Nosler Custom Rifle is a bolt-action hunting rifle available in .300 WSM, .280 Ackley Improved and .338 Win. Mag. It is one of five rifles currently sold by Nosler and is sold from a limited supply. Each gun is individually serial numbered, and owners will be offered right of first refusal for subsequent rifles of the same serial number.

The NCR features a glass-pillar bedded checkered walnut stock. Pillar bedded stocks have aluminum or metal sleeves against which the action screws can be torqued, providing an overall tighter fit and eliminating friction between the stock and action. The Custom Rifle has a match-grade free floating stainless barrel. Because a free floating barrel does not abut the stock, barrel heating and swelling will not compromise stock integrity over time. External metal surfaces are coated with Cerakote brand ceramic-based coating for increased durability. Internal metal surfaces are coated with Micro Slick brand dry-film lubricant, reducing friction and wear. The NCR also has a Pachmayr Decelerator brand recoil pad and sling swivel studs.

Unlike the other Noslers, the Custom Rifle features a Leupold Custom Shop brand riflescope specially fitted with a reticle calibrated to function optimally with Nosler Custom brand ammunition.

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