GI Expert 1911 Wild Bunch

Para USA GI Expert Wild Bunch

The Para USA 1911 GI Expert Wild Bunch is a semi-automatic large-framed pistol chambered in .45 ACP.

The GI Expert Wild Bunch was designed to meet the requirements for use in the Single Action Shooting Society’s “Wild Bunch Action Shooting” competitions, which mandates that guns used to compete are as historically accurate as possible.

As such, the Wild Bunch features a traditional spur hammer, a solid trigger, a barrel with no integral ramp, and no internal guide rod. In addition,  the two 7-round magazines with provided with the pistol have flat, welded floor plates.

The GI Expert Wild Bunch uses a simple and effective recoil-driven action where the expanding gas produced from burning gunpowder is used to drive the slide back in turn eject the spent casing and load a fresh round on the return. It has a grip safety, which deactivates when a shooter wraps their hand around it, a manual safety, and a metal frame, which helps reduce recoil.

Para USA recommends the Wild Bunch for use in SASS “Wild Bunch Action Shooting” competitions.


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