The Para USA Hi-Cap Single-Action P14-45 is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in .45 ACP. Para USA manufactures replicas of the famous military pistol, the 1911, one of the most widely manufactured and used pistol designs in the world.

Like the original 1911 the P14-45 uses a simple and effective recoil-driven action where the expanding gas produced from burning gunpowder is used to drive the slide back in turn eject the spent casing and load a fresh round on the return. It has a grip safety, which deactivates when a shooter wraps their hand around it, a manual safety, and a metal frame, which helps reduce recoil.

What makes the P14-45 different from other Para 1911s is it has a double-stacked magazine that holds 14 rounds. For those who live where high-capacity magazines are illegal, a 10-round version is also available. The P14-45 also has a bright fiber optic front sight, which is brightly colored and easy to see. Para recommends the P14-45 for self-defense, law enforcement and recreational shooting.

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