PXT 1911 Single-Action Single Stack

The Para USA PXT 1911 Single-Action Single Stack SSP is a semi-automatic large-framed pistol chambered in .45 ACP. The SSP is tricked out with several match-grade components, including an integral ramped stainless steel barrel, hammer, a match-grade trigger and a bright fiber optic front sight, which is brightly colored and easy to see.

According to the Para USA website, a professional shooter set a world record with the SSP by firing 1,000 rounds through an SSP pistol in 10 minutes and 44 seconds.

Like the original 1911, the Single-Action Single Stack SSP uses a simple and effective recoil-driven action where the expanding gas produced from burning gunpowder is used to drive the slide back in turn eject the spent casing and load a fresh round on the return. It has a grip safety, which deactivates when a shooter wraps their hand around it, a manual safety, and a metal frame, which helps reduce recoil.

Para USA recommends the Single-Action Single Stack SSP for self-defense, tactical and sport shooting.

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