PXT Hawg

The Para USA 1911 PXT Warthog is a semi-automatic small-framed pistol chambered in .45 ACP. The Hawgs are a series of compact pistols with four models in the lineup: Warthog, Warthog Stainless, Slim Hawg and Hawg 7. The Hawg was designed after the 1911 in that it has a metal frame and slide, which helps reduce recoil when firing such a heavy cartridge as the .45 ACP.

The sub-models differ by magazine and size. The Warthog has a double-stacked magazine that holds 10 rounds and the the alloy-framed Slim Hawg and the Hawg 7 feature a single-stacked magazine that hold 7 rounds. Otherwise Hawgs have fiber optic front sights that are brightly colored and easy to see and depending on how long the grip is, grip extensions are available.

Para USA recommends the Warthog for concealed carry.

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