The PTR91 KF is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .308 Win. or 7.62 NATO. PTR91 is the name of both the manufacturer and its product. The company says it wants to build a quality rifle based on Heckler and Koch’s G3 rifle because after H&K stopped production of the G3 poor imitations of it popped up all over. What PTR says they do differently is they use blueprints and parts that come directly from HK.

The KF is a smaller version of the standard PTR91. The KF has an HK pre-ban style flash hider, which does as described–it the hides the flash. But it’s also available with a compensator under the listing KC and can be sold legally in MA, CT, NY and NJ. The compensator is welded to the barrel and cuts down recoil.

The PTR91 has a recoil-operated with a delayed roller-locking system. So after the firing pin strikes the primer gunpowder burns, gas expands and propels the round out of the chamber–just like any gun. As it pushes forward it also pushes back on the bolt causing recoil. On both sides of the firing pin are rollers that roll with the bolt as it is pushed back. The rear of the bolt will catch on the bolt housing and, at this moment, the rifle ejects the spent casing. Also, at the rear of the bolt is a spring that compresses as the bolt is pushed back. Once the bolt catches, the spring reverses the force and sends it forward in turn chambering a fresh round. The rollers are supposed to help the bolt travel with greater speed.

Features include a rear sight that’s adjustable for windage and elevation. A fixed front sight. It is drilled and tapped for rails. The 16″ steel barrel has black nitride treatment, which hardens the metal.

PTR91 recommends its rifles for precision shooting, military and law enforcement use.

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