Model 700 Alaskan Ti

The Remington Model 700 Alaskan Ti is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in nine different cartridges. The Model 700 was introduced by Remington in 1962 and has since been expanded to include more than 30 sub-models. What makes the Alaskan Ti unique is that, at around 6 pounds it weighs the least of any Model 700.

The Model 700 Alaskan Ti is made up of several lightweight components like a fluted stainless steel barrel and bolt. The bolt also has a skeletonized handle. And the rifle’s receiver is made of titanium.

The Alaskan Ti also features a Bell and Carlson brand synthetic stock with MaxxGuard brand protective finish. The Alaskan Ti is equipped with Remington’s patented X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger system, which has a pull weight of 3.5 pounds with two pounds of adjustment to suit the shooter’s individual needs. What’s unique about the X-Mark Pro trigger system is that it can be adjusted externally. The rifle’s action is pillar bedded, meaning it is secured with aluminum or metal sleeves against which the action screws can be tightened, providing an overall tighter fit between the stock and the action–similar to fastening a screw into a plastic wall anchor rather than directly into a wooden board.

Remington recommends Model 700 Alaskan Ti for high-altitude and spot-and-stalk hunting, however, the company has also discontinued production of this model.

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