Model R-15

The Remington Model R-15 is a semi-automatic hunting rifle chambered in .30 Rem. AR and .450 Bushmaster. The R-15 is the standard model of the R-15 series. It has a modular design, meaning all the pieces snap together, and it looks and functions similarly to an American military assault rifle. It is gas operated, so the recoil doesn’t hit until the round exits the barrel. The barrel is free-floated, so the stock and barrel don’t touch. The barrel is made of durable and lightweight high carbon steel called ChroMoly. It has an ergonomically friendly pistol grip and a single-stage trigger that sets off the action at about 4.5 pounds. In replace of any sights is a full length Picatinny rail that allows easy mounting of a scope or optics. It is also drilled and tapped for accessory rails, so lights, lasers or grips could be easily mounted. Both rounds, .30 Rem. AR and .450 Bushmaster, are somewhat rare, but they’re similar. They’re comparable to the effective hunting cartridge .308 Win. and have a flat trajectory up to 200 yards. Remington recommends the R-15 for hunting varmint, small and large game.

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