Seven Synthetic

The Remington Model Seven Synthetic is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in .223 Rem., .243. Win., .260 Rem., 7mm-08 Rem. and .308 Win. The Model Seven is a family of hunting rifles that branched from the Model 700. It uses what Remington calls the “three rings of steel” action, which means the rim is securely encased by the bolt face, the front of the cartridge sits in barrel, and it all, of course, is secured in the receiver. The design is intended to provide smoother cycling. How it differs from the 700 is it has a shortened barrel.  The Synthetic is unique to the Seven family because it has a black synthetic stock, which ensures the rifle can stand up to a variety of climate. It is available with either an 18″ or 20″ barrel.

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