The Remington 700 rifle has been a prominent workhorse in the precision rifle world for many years. The strong aftermarket support that has accompanied the 700’s time in the sunshine has also made it a very desirable platform for custom rifle building, and the 700 footprint has been copied and cloned by many to take advantage of that aftermarket.

One of those guns that cleverly taps into that aftermarket support is the B-14 BMP from Bergara, and today we are going to take a look at how it performs.

Diving Into Basics of the Bergara BMP

Bergara B-14 BMP Bolt-Action Rifle
The BMP has a lot going for it when it comes to precision shooting. (Photo: Jeff Wood/

The Bergara Match Precision (BMP) is a short-action rifle designed and built for competition. There are all kinds of accessories and features that make a good match gun, and Bergara certainly included many of them here.

At the core of the rifle is Bergara’s B-14 two-lug action. It uses a sliding front extractor and a traditional plunger ejector. The bolt nose and breech are tapered, and the assembly slides very smoothly in the action. The front of the action has a very cunning cutout to capture the recoil lug and keep it centered. 
In front of that is a 24-inch match-grade barrel made by Bergara and threaded 5/8-24 TPI at the muzzle.