Aurum Teutonic

Rizzini Aurum Teutonic

The Rizzini Aurum Teutonic is a break-action over-under shotgun chambered in 12 gauge, 16 gauge, 20 gauge, 28 gauge and .410. Rizzini is an Italian family of gunmakers founded in 1966 by Battista Rizzini.

A number of Rizzini family arms are available to North American domestic buyers through manufacturer and retailer agreements. The Rizzini Aurum Teutonic is made available through Connecticut Shotgun.

Rizzini high-end shotguns typically have the same features and vary by engraving. The Teutonic has engraved “game scenes in relief,” which are ducks flying above a pond. The receiver is polished steel.

The Aurum Teutonic features a Prince of Wales pistol grip stock made of middle quality select walnut. The Prince of Wales grip, a partial pistol grip, is thought to derive its name from Edward the VII, who favored this styling.

Common features include flat forged frames and barrels made of nickel chrome steel, which has better durability over a wide range of temperatures. The bore is chrome lined and blued. It has adjustable screw in chokes. The barrel has brazed ribs running along the top and the rib is furnace heated to increase bore strength and durability. It also has automatic shell ejectors and a single selective trigger that can be used for the firing of either barrel.

Rizzini recommends the Aurum Teutonic for general field shooting.

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