The Rizzini Ominum is an over-under shotgun chambered in 12 gauge and 20 gauge. Rizzini is an Italian family of gunmakers founded in 1966 by Batista Rizzini, and are known for making high-end shotguns. A number of Rizzini family arms are available to North American domestic buyers through manufacturer and retailer agreements. The Ominum is Rizzini’s standard model and the least expensive at around $2,000.

The Ominum features flat forged frames and barrels made of nickel chrome steel, which has better durability over a wide range of temperatures. The bore is chrome lined and blued. All Ominum models come with adjustable screw in chokes. The barrel has brazed ribs running along the top and the rib is furnace heated to increase bore strength and durability.

Rizzini recommends the Ominum for general field shooting.

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