The Rohrbaugh R380 is a semi-automatic pocket pistol chambered in .380 ACP. Rohrbaugh Firearms is a gun manufacturer that specializes in pocket pistols. It was founded my Karl Rohrbaugh and located in Bayport, New York. The R380 is one of three pistols produced by Rohrbaugh, and shares near identical specifications with both the R9 and Robar.

The R380 has a locked-breech design where the barrel and slide are locked together until a round is fired and then the move in tandem. The slide rides back, the barrel tilts and the recoil is absorbed by the slide instead of the frame.

Its internal components are constructed primarily from stainless steel and 7057 aircraft aluminum alloy, which puts its weight at slightly less than a pound. The R380 has a double-action only trigger, so the R380 excludes a safety. The R380 includes Wolff brand springs and G-10 brand grips, a laminated composite grip known for its durability. The magazine catch is located on the butt of the grip frame, a design sometimes called “European style.” A number of the gun’s interior components are miniaturized to facilitate the diminutive design.

The R380 is also available in the Stealth model, which includes a Titan Kote C12 brand protective slide coating.

Its caliber, .380, is slightly smaller than 9mm and is said to have slightly less stopping power. The round is popular especially for conceal carry guns because it also has less recoil.

Rohrbaugh recommends the R380 for conceal carry and personal protection.

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