Youth Size Centerfire/Shotgun Matched Pair

The Rossi Youth Size Centerfire/Shotgun Matched Pair is a combo set with a rifle barrel chambered for .223 Rem., .243 Win. and .44 Mag, and a shotgun barrel chambered for 20 gauge. The company Rossi started in 1889, but Taurus currently manufactures the Rossi brand. The Youth Centerfire/Shotgun is very economically priced at around $300. What makes it different from the other Matched Pairs is it fires larger caliber rounds and uses a break-open action where the barrel folds down by the hammer and the shooter loads 1 at a time. The barrels are threaded, so they can be easily swapped out. Its action uses a transfer bar system where the hammer strikes a transfer bar that presses the firing pin. And, it has adjustable sights. The Matched Pair would be ideal for beginner shooters and leisure shooting.

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