Youth Size Rimfire/Shotgun Matched Pair

The Rossi Youth Size Rimfire/Shotgun Matched Pair is a combo set with a rifle barrel chambered for .22 LR, and a shotgun barrel chambered for 20 gauge and .410. The company Rossi started in 1889, but Taurus currently manufactures the Rossi brand. The Youth Rimfire/Shotgun is just one combination available and is very economically priced at around $200. What makes it different from the other Matched Pairs is it fires small .22 caliber rounds and uses a break-open action where the barrel opens by the trigger and the shooter loads one at a time. Its action uses a transfer bar system where the hammer strikes a transfer bar that presses the firing pin. The barrels are threaded, so they can be easily swapped out. And, it has adjustable sights. The Matched Pair would be ideal for beginner shooters and leisure shooting.

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