22 Charger

Ruger 22 Charger

The Ruger 22 Charger is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in .22 LR. What makes it unique compared to other Ruger .22 caliber pistols is very large and has a built in foldable bipod that rests under the forearm.

Features include a 10″ alloy steel barrel and a black laminate warp-proof stock with pistol grip. The gun includes a 10-shot rotary magazine. A combination scope base provides scope mounts that can accommodate a number of scope varieties. It has a Weaver rail, which is smaller than a Picatinny rail, but can hold optics or accessories fitted for a Picatinny.

Ruger recommends the 22 Charger for hunting small game and varmints, and long-range shooting.

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