22/45 Bull Barrel

22/45 Bull Barrel

The Ruger 22/45 Bull Barrel is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in .22 LR. The 22/45 Bull Barrel is one of four primary pistols in Ruger’s 22/45 Series–a series that combines Ruger’s Mark III action with the famous 1911’s grip. What makes the 22/45 Bull Barrel model unique is its bull barrel, of course.

Bull barrels have little or no taper, and generally utilize a thicker, heavier construction. The heavy barrel is able to withstand many successive shots, and target shooters often favor the heavy barrel’s steadying weight.

The 22/45 is blowback operated, meaning the initial explosion of the cartridge powers the cycling. It uses an internal cylindrical bolt for its action, and how it’s different from a standard design is it recoils out of the pistol instead of pushing a slide back.

The 22/45 Bull Barrel features a loaded chamber indicator that offers both visual (red mark) and tactile (protruding notch) indicators. The 22/45 Bull Barrel has an adjustable rear sight and fixed blade front sight. Additional features include interchangeable polymer grip plates and a magazine disconnect that prohibits the gun from firing when the magazine is released.

The Bull Barrel version is available in stainless steel ($448), blued alloy steel ($335), and blued alloy steel with cocobolo grips ($380).

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