22/45 Threaded Barrel

22/45 Threaded Barrel

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The Ruger 22/45 Threaded Barrel is a semi-automatic large-frame pistol chambered in .22 LR. The 22/45 Threaded Barrel is one of four primary pistols in Ruger’s 22/45 Series–a series that combines Ruger’s Mark III action with the famous 1911’s grip.

What makes the Threaded Barrel unique to the series is, of course, its threaded barrel for easy application of a suppressor or other barrel accessories.

The 22/45 is blowback operated, meaning the initial explosion of the cartridge powers the cycling. It uses an internal cylindrical bolt for its action. How it’s different from a standard design is it recoils out of the pistol instead of pushing a slide back.

The 22/45 Threaded Barrel features alloy steel construction, and includes a 4.5″ barrel. The 22/45 Threaded Barrel includes a loaded chamber indicator that offers both visual (red mark) and tactile (protruding notch) indicators. Additional features include interchangeable polymer grip plates and a magazine disconnect feature prohibits the gun from firing when the magazine is released.

The 22/45 Threaded Barrel is available with or without sights. The model without sights has instead two Picatinny rails, one on top and one on bottom, for easy mounting of optics or accessories.

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