Ruger GP100

The Ruger GP100 is a medium-frame revolver chambered in .327 Federal Mag. and .357 Mag. It is available in six different combinations of size, finish and caliber.

The GP100 features stainless or blued alloy steel construction. Barrel lengths include a 3″, 4.2″, and 6″. It is equipped with an adjustable rear sight with a fixed ramp front sight (the 3″ barrel model does not include adjustable sights).

This revolver employs Hogue brand rubber grips. The cylinder is designed to lock in three different spots: the front, rear and bottom.

Ruger says the triple locking cylinder ensures more positive alignment and dependable operation.

It also has a transfer bar, which allows the hammer to indirectly strike the firing pin because the transfer bar absorbs the impact and then presses against the firing pin.

Ruger recommends the GP100 for general carry.


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