M77 Hawkeye Compact Magnum

The Ruger M77 Hawkeye Compact Magnum is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in .300 Ruger Compact Mag. and .338 Ruger Compact Mag.

The Compact Magnum is one of 14 models in the Hawkeye series and is the magnum version of the Compact, which is the smallest of the series. However, the Magnum has a longer barrel than its sister rifle at 20″ and the overall length varies depending on the stock. The two stocks are the walnut stock (39.5″) or black synthetic (40″). Either way it weighs 6.75 pounds.

What separates it from standard Hawkeye models, other than being specifically magnum, is it has sights. An adjustable U-shaped rear sight and a brass bead front sight. It also fires Hornady’s .300 and .338 RCM, which are comparable to .300 and .338 Win. Mag., but are better suited for shorter barrels.

Otherwise it has common features to the series such as a solid steel bolt that uses a Mauser-type round feed extractor, which chambers rounds smoothly and ejects them effortlessly. The Magnum has a steel floor plate that opens for easy loading. The floor plate also fits flush with the stock. The Magnum has a 3-position safety that allows shooters to open the bolt and load the rifle with the safety engaged. And, it has a rubber recoil pad.

The Compact Magnum is also available in a left-hand model. Ruger recommends the Hawkeye Compact Magnum for hunting large game.

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